How to Collect a Stool Specimen

Also: Stool Specimen Collection

IMPORTANT: Stool specimen must avoid contact with urine. 

Option 1 

  1. Lift the toilet seat. 
  2. Attach about 2 feet of plastic wrap on the toilet bowl underneath the seat cover. 
  3. Allow middle to hang just above water. 
  4. Unfold tissue provided and place on top of plastic wrap. 
  5. Lower toilet seat. 
  6. Have bowel movement 
  7. Wash hands!

Option 2

  1. Collect stool using any clean, dry container such as a pie tin, paper plate, clean margarine tub, clean milk carton with top cut off, bed pan, wastebasket lined with plastic bag, paper bag 
  2. Have bowel movement. 
  3. Wash hands!

Once you have the stool specimen:

  1. Transfer the stool to the containers we have provided. Use gloves and tongue depressor.
  2. Label the containers with patient’s full name, date, and time of collection.
  3. Submit the stool specimen in our office WITHIN 2 HOURS OF COLLECTION.  If you cannot submit specimen within 2 hours refrigerate specimen and submit within 24 hours.