Tableware for Infants and Toddlers

Also: Feeding Toddlers – Tableware

Best highchairs: (should be easy to wipe clean, fully adjustable, support upright sitting with knees and hips at 90° angles, and have an adjustable footrest)

  1. Stokee Tripp Trapp
  2. Ikea Antilop (cheaper but needs a separate footrest installed)

Best bottles for nursing babies:

  1. For bottle refusers- shoulder-less nipples
  2. For colic- Dr Brown’s
  3. For nursing mom’s- Lansinoh Momma, Evenflo Balance, Joovy Boob, Honest Bottle, Dr. Brown’s standard

Best cups for infants/toddlers:

  1. Eztotz small, silicone cup with heavy base and textured (less likely to tip and easy to grip)
  2. Sensorminds soft silicone cup with handles
  3. Grosmimi sippy cup with straw
  4. NumNumInc training straw cup
  5. Lollaland fun sippy cups
  6. Richell straw cup

Easy introduction to open cups:

  1. Medicine cup (good for babies who cough with bigger sips)
  2. Mini red solo cup


  1. Lalo,; suction plates/bowls, starter utensils
  2. EZPZ spoon
  3. NumNumInc suction bowls and utensils
  4. Shot glasses (small size, smooth rim, needs adult supervision for safety)