Favorite Books, Websites, and Apps

Also: Book Recommendations


She’s Having a Baby — And I’m Having a Breakdown, James Douglas Barron

What To Expect When You’re Expecting, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Merkoff, & Sandee E. Hathaway

What to Expect, The Toddler Years, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Merkoff, & Sandee E. Hathaway

What to Expect, First Year, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Merkoff, & Sandee E. Hathaway

Welcoming Your Second Baby, Vicki Lansky 


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby, Marc Weissbluth, M.D.
The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp

Your Baby’s First Year, American Academy of Pediatrics

Heading Home With Your Newborn, AAP

The Nursing Mother’s Companion, Kathleen Huggins

Nursing Mother, Working Mother, Gayle Pryor

Your Baby’s First Year, Steven P. Shelov

Brain Rules for Baby, John Medina

Baby Meets World: Suck, Smile, Touch, Toddle – A Journey Through Infancy, Nicholas Day

The New Father- A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, Armin A. Brott

Instagram resources:

takingcarababies  baby sleep support by a neonatal nurse/certified pediatric sleep consultant

feedinglittles baby led weaning and picky eating experts, online courses for starting solids, toddlers and kids.

Solidstarts team of pediatric feeding experts and doctors guide you on how to introduce real food to babies, and how to prevent/reverse picky eating in kids, free first foods database and app

Healthy.mom.healthy.kids  nutritionist specializing in picky eaters and baby led weaning.

feedinglittles a dietician and OT feeding therapist help you navigate feeling infants, toddlers and kids; tips on baby led weaning and picky eating

zaynesplate feeding tips for 6 mo+, baby led weaning recipes

Montessori.spaces activities, practical life hacks, nature based learning

Playingwithchanel  pediatric occupational therapist with simple activities based on developmental principles 

Theparentcollective prenatal and motherhood support with online and in-person classes, community groups, and coaching sessions to support mothers (located in Westport!)


Baby Sign and Learn sign language for babies

Car Seat Check advice from the AAP on choosing the right car seat for your child and installing it safely.

Montessori.spaces activities, practical life hacks, nature based learning

Playingwithchanel  pediatric occupational therapist with simple activities based on developmental principles 


*The Whole Brain Child, Daniel Siegel- a trio of Dr. Jenn’s faves!
*No Drama Discipline, Daniel Siegel
*The Yes Brain, Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

Siblings Without Rivalry, Adele Faber

*Toddler 411, Denise Fields & Ari Brown

*The Happiest Toddler on the Block, Harvey Karp

*The Yale Child Study Center Guide to Understanding Your Child, Linda Mayes & Donald Cohen

1,2,3 Magic, Thomas Phelan

Raising a Self-Disciplined Child, Robert Brooks & Sam Goldstein

The Second Twelve Months of Life, Frank Kaplan & Theresa Kaplan

The Irreducible Needs of Children, T. Berry Brazelton & Stanley Greenspan

How Toddlers Thrive: What Parents Can Do Today for Children Ages 2-5 to Plant the Seeds of Lifelong Success, Tovah P. Klein, Ph.D.

The Emotional Life of the Toddler, Alicia F. Lieberman

Instagram resources:

biglittlefeelings toddler experts, how to tame tantrums

drbeckyatgoodinside  pediatric psychologist with excellent parenting advice

childmindinstitute support for families struggling with mental health and learning disorders

curiousparenting  educated approach to raising empathetic, resilient, liberated kids; based on First Nations parenting methods

adviceigivemyfriends  Dr Kelly Fraidin with evidence based parenting and health tips

drtanyaaltmann pediatrician and kids feeding author

kckidsdoc Dr Natasha Burgert pediatrician

dr.nicolebaldwin evidence based parenting and health tips


AHAparenting Parenting tools and advice from Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist, specializing in relationship-based parenting.

Two Peds in a Pod Blog and podcasts on a variety of pediatric topics by two pediatrician-moms.

Seattle Mama Doc Blog written by a pediatrician/mom for Seattle Children’s Hospital;  Dr. Swanson tackles a wide variety of basic pediatric issues including many timely pieces related to what is in current media.

Science of Mom Blog written by a nutritionist/mom covering a wide variety of parenting topics with an emphasis on nutrition and sleep.

Quest for Health  Pediatrician Kristen Stuppy writes practical, easily understandable posts on common pediatric illnesses and health maintanance.

Kids in the House a parenting website chock-full of fantastic videos and articles on difficult parenting issues such as bullying, discipline, special needs, educational challenges, divorce and more.

School-aged Children

*The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, Wendy Mogel

The Difficult Child, Stanley Turecki & Leslie Tonner

The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child, Alan E. Kazdin

The Everyday Parenting Toolkit:  The Kazdin Method for Easy, Step-by-Step Lasting

Change for You and Your Child, Alan E. Kazdin

Why Can’t You Catch Me Being Good?, Edythe Denkin

Siblings Without Rivalry, Adele Faber

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Adele Faber

Your Defiant Child, Russell A. Barkley & Christine M. Benton

Who’s In Control?, Lawrence Balter

*What to Do When Your Temper Flairs, Don Huebner

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads, Rosaland Wiseman

*Parenting from the Inside Out, Daniel J. Siegel MD & Mary Hartzell M.Ed

Dad to Dad, David L. Hill

Nurture Shock, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Children First, Penelope Leach

The Magic Years, Selma Fraiberg

Parents Under Siege, James Garbarino

*Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain

Building Healthy Minds, Stanley Greenspan

The Care and Keeping of Friends – American Girl Library, Sally Seamans & Nadine Bernard Wescott

The Hurried Child, David Elkind

Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility, Foster Cline, M.D. & Jim Fay

Duct Tape Parenting: A Less Is More Approach to Raising Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient Kids, Vicki Hoefle

Teach Your Children Well, Madeline Levine, PhD

For Kids:

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings, Jo Witek

My Many Colored Days, Dr. Seuss

Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too), Keith Negley

When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry…, Molly Bang

Instagram resources:

adolescent.nutrition diet free advice on nurturing healthy eating habits and food relationships in teens


NetsSmartz Important Internet safety topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, social networking and other online risks.

CommonSenseMedia An independent, non-profit organization that provides extensive information on media and digital activities for children, including ratings of a variety of media (movies, apps, television, etc.)

Teens and Older Children

*Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher 

*See Jane Win, Sylvia Rimm, Sarah Rimm-Kaufman, & Ilonna Rimm

*”Trust Me, Mom — Everyone Else Is Going!”, Roni Cohen-Sandler

*”I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!”, Roni Cohen-Sandler

Girls on the Edge, Leonard Sax

Best Friends, Worst Enemies, Michael Thompson, Catherine O’Neill Grace, & Lawrence J. Cohen

Getting it Right With Teens, Madelyn Swift

How Children Succeed, Paul Tough

Letting Go With Love and Confidence, Kenneth Ginsberg & Susan Fitzgerald

Yardsticks, Chip Wood

Who’s Game Is It, Anyway?, Richard D. Ginsberg, Steven Durant, & Amy Baltzel

Real Boys, William Pollack

Get Out of My Life, But First Can You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?, Anthony E. Wolf

Between Parent and Child, Haim G. Ginott

Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain

Raising Kids to Thrive: Balancing Love with Expectations and Protection with Trust, Kenneth R. Ginsberg, MD

Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving, Tim Hollister


Twins and What They Tell Us About Who We Are, Lawrence Wright

What to Do When You’re Having Two, Natalie Diaz

Two is for Twins, Wendy Cheyette Lewison

Born Together – Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study, Nancy L. Segal

Raising Twins: Parenting Multiples from Pregnancy Through the Years (2nd Ed.), Shelly Flais


Preparing for Twins – http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/prenatal/Pages/Preparing-for-Twins.aspx

Mothers of Multiples of Fairfield County – https://www.bigtent.com/groups/momslfc


Kevin Henke books:  Wemberly Worried; Chrysanthemum; Sheila Rae, the Brave

Will it be Okay?, Crescent Dragonwagon

There’s a Nightmare in my Closet, Mercer Mayer

There’s an Alligator under my Bed, Mercer Mayer

Annie Stories: A Special Kind of Storytelling, Doris Brett

Don’t Feed the WorryBug, Andi Green

The Fix-It Friends: Have No Fear!, Nicole Kear

Hector’s Favorite Place, Jo Rooks

How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?, Jayneen Snaders

Pilar’s Worries, Victoria Sanchez

What To Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Dawn Huebner (a workbook for parents to do with their children)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)- Workbook for Kids, Heather Davidson

Jilly’s Terrible Temper Tantrums and How She Outgrew Them, Martha H. Pieper, Ph. D. 

Can I Catch it Like a Cold?  Coping With a Parent’s Depression, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

My Family Divided, Dianne Guerrero


Cory Stories: A Kid’s Book About Living With ADHD, Jeanne Kraus

Why Can’t Jimmy Sit Still?, Sandra L. Tunis, Ph.D.


All About Me- A Step-by-Step Guide to Telling Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum about Their Diagnosis, Andrew Miller

All My Stripes, A Story for Children with Autism, Shaina Rudolph & Danielle Royer

Armond Goes to a Party: A Book About Asperger’s and Friendship, Nancy Carlson

A Boy Called Bat, Elana Arnold

A Whole New Ballgame: A RIp and Red Book, Phil Bildner


Autism Science Foundation
The Autism Science Foundation provides funding directly to scientists conducting cutting edge autism research to discover the causes of autism and develop better treatments.  They also provide information about autism to the general public, and support the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

American Academy of Pediatrics

We are a social education service that encompasses the work of international-award-winner (Aspie, teacher, and Aspie mommy), Jennifer Cook O’Toole, in multiple mediums. Asperkids exists to make life for children with Aspergers more positive and purposeful, and to assist the adults in their lives in the ways they understand, parent, teach and respond to their children.

Asperger’s Syndrome Education Network: A national non-profit organization headquartered in New Jersey that provides education and support to families and individuals affected with Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism, and related disorders.

Autism Society of America

At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. We are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism; to raising public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society; and to bringing hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder.


The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation
The mission of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is to develop and award grants to programs that benefit adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) is a scientific and professional organization devoted to advancing knowledge about autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), including autism, Apserger syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (PDD NOS).

National Autism Center
The National Autism Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting effective, evidence-based treatment approaches and providing direction to families, practitioners, organizations, policy-makers, and funders. 


OASIS – Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support
A national online support group and resource for parents, professionals, and individuals with Asperger Syndrome. Includes online support boards, chatrooms, as well as publications, resources, and other comprehensive information.
Contacts: Barbara Kirby and Patricia Romanowski Bashe

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
A source for evidence-based information curated by people with autism, parents of children with autism and autism professionals.


Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, Maria Dismondy

Am I a Bully?, Hope Gilchrist

Chrysanthemum, Kevin Henkes

Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing vs. Bullying, Julia Cook

Warp Speed, Lisa Yee

Wonder, R.J. Palacio

Find Your Happy- A Kids Self Love Book, Patricia May

Real Kids Come in All Sizes, Kathy Kater

Car Seat Safety

The Car Seat Lady: help with choosing the right car seat, installation, and vehicle selection for growing families: https://thecarseatlady.com/

Car Seat Check advice from the AAP on choosing the right car seat for your child and installing it safely.

US Department of Transportation: overview of car seats and booster seats, installation, guidelines for use, ratings and recalls, and location services for installation support:


American Academy of Pediatrics information and guidelines for car and booster seats:


Find a car seat technician for installation assistance: 


Team of Child Passenger Safety Technicians who help caregivers with three main types of questions: seat selection, installation and use, and clarifying niche issues that may not be clearly addressed in the car seat’s manual:


Death and Grieving

When Someone VERY Special Dies, Marge Heegard

Remembering Crystal, Sebastian Loth

The 10th Great Thing About Barney, Judith Viorst

Freddie the Leaf, Leo Buscaglia

The Invisible String, Patrice Karst

Art With Heart Presents: Draw It Out, Steffanie Lorig & Rosalie Frankel

I Miss You: A First Look at Death, Pat Thomas

One Wave at a Time: A Story About Grief and Healing, Holly Thompson

Dental Health

the.dentistmom guiding parents through the challenges of baby teeth 


Divorce in Not the End of the World: Zoe’s and Evan’s Coping Guide for Kids here

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families, Mark Brown

More books on divorce for kids here

MoreStepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmonsters Think, Feel and Act We Do, Wednesday Martin

Food Allergies


The Bugabees: Friends With Food Allergies teaches young children how to manage their food allergies

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) comprehensive website covering all you need to know about food allergy prevention and treatment.

Schools.allergyhome.org website devoted to food allergy education for home and school (parents, kids and teachers), great teaching tools and resources

Learning Disabilities

Back to Front and Upside Down!, Claire Alexander

Fish in a Tree, Lynda Mullaly Hunt


Understood Resources for learning disability, sensory integration and attentional disorders

The LD Navigator Comprehensive resource guide for parents of children with learning disabilities.

CHADD National resource site for children and adults with ADD/ADHD

Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
A national network of state-based advocacy groups for families affected by Learning Disabilities.

Gender Identity/LGBTQA+ resources

Red: A Crayon’s Story, Michael Hall

The Letter Q- Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves- Various Authors

Young Adult LGBTQ Books:

Like a Love Story,  Abdi Nazemian

The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School,  Sonora Reyes

All That’s Left in the World, Erik J. Brown

Gay Club!, Simon James Green

I Wish You All the Best, Mason Deaver

Dear Medusa, Olivia A. Cole

Kings of B’more, R. Eric Thomas

Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything, Justine Pucella Winans

The Passing Playbook, Isaac Fitzsimons

Darius the Great Is Not Okay, Adib Khorram

Beating Heart Baby, Lio Min

Man o’ War, Cory McCarthy

She Is a Haunting, Trang Thanh Tran

Improbable Magic for Cynical Witches, Kate Scelsa

The Dead and the Dark, Courtney Gould

It Goes Like This, Miel Moreland

Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix, Anna-Marie McLemore

We Are Totally Normal, Naomi Kanakia

Only This Beautiful Moment, Abdi Nazemian

Cinderella Is Dead, Kalynn Bayron

The Gender Creative Child: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes, Diane Ehrensaft


There’s a Louse in my House, Sheri Hayes


Henry and Mudge and Annie’s Good Move, Cynthia Rylant

Berenstein Bear’s Moving Day, Stan and Jan Berenstein


What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD, Dawn Heuber

Finding Perfect, Elly Swartz

Mr. Worry: A Story About OCD, Holly Niner

OCDaniel, Wesley King

Up and Down the Worry Hill: A Children’s Book About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its Treatment, Aureen Pinto Wagner

Preparing Children for Surgery/Procedures

I’ll Be O.K., Randall L. Lange, DVM) book and dog

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

How to Prepare your Toddler for Surgery Like a Boss

Preparing Children for New Siblings

When the New Baby Comes, I’m Moving Out, Martha

The Pain and the Great One, Judy Blume

The Lap Snatcher, Bruce Coville

Peter’s Chair, Ezra Jack Keats

The New Baby, Fred Rogers

Pecan Pie Baby, Jacqueline Woodson

How You Were Born, Joanna Cole

It’s not the Stork!- A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends, Robie H. Harris & Michael Emberley

It’s so Amazing!- A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families, Robie H. Harris & Michael Emberley

More books about expecting a new baby for siblings

Picky Eating

Good Enough to Eat, Lizzy Rockwell

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse- A Tale of Food and Feelings, Dina Zeckhausen

Instagram resources:

Solidstarts team of pediatric feeding experts and doctors guide you on how to introduce real food to babies, and how to prevent/reverse picky eating in kids, free first foods database and app

Healthy.mom.healthy.kids  nutritionist specializing in picky eaters and baby led weaning.

feedinglittles a dietician and OT feeding therapist help you navigate feeling infants, toddlers and kids; tips on baby led weaning and picky eating

hangry_helper picky eating therapist

adolescent.nutrition diet free advice on nurturing healthy eating habits and food relationships in teens


*The Care and Keeping of Your Body, American Girl part 1 and 2

*My Body, My Self for Boys, Area Madaras

“What’s Happening to My Body?”:  A Book for Boys, Lynda Madaras

*It’s So Amazing, Robie H. Harris

*It’s Perfectly Normal, Robie H. Harris

*Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know about Sex (but were afraid they’d ask),
Justin Richardson and Mark A. Schusterm

*You Know, Sex, Corey Silverberg (LGBTQIA+-inclusive approach to puberty, sex, and gender for kids 10+, this bright comic book covers not only the big three of puberty—hormones, reproduction, and development—but also power, pleasure, and how to be a decent human being.)

*Sex is a Funny Word, Corey Silverberg (comic book for kids approx. 8-10 years)

*What Makes a Baby, Corey Silverberg (good for preschool to approx. 8 years)

*The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability, Corey Silverberg (a sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions)

Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff, A Guide to Growing Up, Jacqui Bailey

What’s Biology All About, Usborne

Where Did I Come From?, Lyle Stuart

Physical Development in Girls: What to Expect 

Physical Development in Boys: What to Expect 


NO Trespassing – This is MY Body, Pattie Fitzgerald

I Said NO! A kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private- Zack & Kimberly King

My Body Belongs to Me- Jill Starishevsky

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Safe Kids Worldwide (preventing accidental injury)

Nationwide Children’s Safety and Injury Prevention – search ‘safety’


What I Like About Me!, Allia Zobel Nolan

Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Have Any Friends (But Not so Much Anymore), Tracy Zimmerman & Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph. D. 

Special Needs Resources

GiGi’s Playhouse – Down’s Syndrome Awareness Center

National Association of Down Syndrome – has newsletter, volunteer mentor families, English and Spanish speaking programs.

In Our Arms– support resources for families of children with disabilities


One Place for Special Needs Online resource for a huge range of special needs services, advice and support (for an equally wide range of needs- from anxiety and ADD to learning disabilities, brain injury, and rare disorders.)

https://www.friendshipcircle.org/ A wonderful resource for special needs parenting, from therapy to products and legal help.

Asperkids an insider’s guide to loving and understanding those with Asperger’s Syndrome

Special Needs Siblings

Just Because, Rebecca Elliot

Ricky, the Rock that Couldn’t Roll by Mr. Jay

A Day in our Shoes website has a comprehensive list of books for siblings of children with Autism and other Special Needs



Chikidsfeeding pediatric speech-language pathologist and feeding therapist, lactation consultant

speechsisters speech therapy experts


The Stuttering Foundation


My Thumb and I: A Proven Approach to Stop a Thumb or Finger Sucking Habit for Ages 5-10, Carol Mayer


A Terrible Thing Happened, Margaret Holmes

The War That Saved My Life, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Tourette’s Syndrome

Forget Me Not, Ellie Terry

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, Dusti Bowling

Vaccine Safety

How to do research about vaccines on the internet– a very thorough compendium of scientifically based articles/websites covering vaccine issues- start here!

VAXOPEDIA– An “A to Z” guide on all things related to vaccines and vaccine safety

50 most common Anti-vaccines myths and misinformation

You CAN research vaccine safety on the internet, just start here.

https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/cashing-in-on-fear-the-danger-of-dr-sears/ (an excellent explanation of the risks of Dr. Sears’ “alternative vaccine schedule”)

http://rubyslippersx3.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/a-crunchy-moms-reversal-on-vaccinations.html (a well written article by a scientist turned “crunchy mom” who changed her mind on not vaccinating her children after extensive research- resource list included)

http://www.skepticalraptor.com  (science based blog with a comprehensive list/look at studies on vaccine safety)

http://www.immunize.org/talking-about-vaccines/ the problem with Dr Bob’s alternative vaccine schedule


Injection versus Ingestion: myths vs facts on vaccine ingredients

Questioning whether to give your child the HPV vaccine? Read here

MTHFR genetics and why having the gene doesn’t predispose to vaccine reactions

Instagram resources:

Your_local_epidemiologist data driven updates and evidence-based approaches to modern day medical issues