Teen Health

The teen years can be tough ones- teens are negotiating a complex world of academic demands, social pressures, and the quest for independence from parental control. If you have particular health concerns, we recommend you first speak with your parents. However, if the issue is a sensitive or embarrassing one, and you do not feel comfortable discussing it with mom or dad, please do call us- we are YOUR doctors. In addition, the State of Connecticut mandates that discussions we have with teens 13 and older about sexuality, drug and/or alcohol use, smoking, and psychiatric concerns are confidential. That means that we will not tell your parents what you confide in us, UNLESS we are seriously worried for your safety and well-being. We may, however, with your permission, help you start a conversation with your parents about any issues you might be struggling with.

If you would like to speak with us privately, please be sure to tell this to our receptionist, and leave a personal cell phone number and several time periods when we can contact you for a confidential discussion.

Articles of Interest

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